Must read before order


For now, we only accept PayPal in dollars.

Unfortunately, China mainland customer is restricted by PayPal to pay dollars to another China account.

We may try to add more flexible payment methods in the future.

If a single order exceeds $750, we'll contact you for more information. A big order always deserves a better service.

The order processing and privacy

The customers must provide their correct address and phone number to make a valid order.

We respect your privacy seriously. Learn more about LambdaChip's privacy policy.

To protect your privacy, if you have any question about the order, don't ask on Reddit forum or any public channel, please send mail to to make a private communication.


The supported countries: US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, HK, UK, German, France, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, India.

If your country is not listed, please ask via before order, we'll ask the provider for you.

For China mainland customers, please see the payment issue above.

For Australia customers, we'll unlock Australia when we register GST. But it's unpredictable when can we do it.

For India customers, there's only e-EMS expedited shipping service. There's a cheaper shipping fee option if the order price is up to $87.

All orders ship from Shenzhen of China.The international shipping service are suspended if delays are caused by bad weather or other disasters, including the current pandemic. We will post the notice on Reddit forum if there's any situation of the delay. Please join our Reddit forum!

There're two optional carriers you may see on payment page:

- Standard: we use ePack, which is cheap to ship internationally, but the arrival time may be affected by many reasons.

- Expedited: we use DHL Express Worldwide. and it could be expansive for some countries. It usually ships within 5 business days in ideal case.

The Expedited service is not available for the order under $87, you won't see this option unless the condition is met.

Keep in mind, service guarantees are suspended if delays are caused by bad weather or other disasters. We cannot refund shipping fees if your package arrives late due to snow or other natural disasters anywhere along your package's route. Meteors, natural disasters, aliens, terrorism, incursions from other dimensions, etc.

We do not ship to hotels or mail forwarders. We may not be able to ship to PO Boxes depending on location or if there are known issues with the location. Not all shipping options are available to all locations. If shipping / billing names do not match or the payment method is outside the USA we may cancel the order.

We encourage you to mention the distributors in your area about us, so that we may have a chance to cooperate with them to provide better experience.

We will ship in 5 business days.You will receive email when we ship.When you received the tracing number in the mention mail, you should aware that the number maybe delayed to synchronize the information on tracing service web page.


Each of our product is well tested before shipping. But nothing is perfect, here is our principle of the return.

If the product has no quality issue, but you want to return just because you don't want it anymore.

Please think it clearly before you order. The international return is expensive, and it's the customer's duty to pay the return ship fee.

If the product has quality issue, please contact, we can send you a new one if it's confirmed a quality issue.

If the product was broken when you use it, we can't accept return. But don't worry, you may try to repair it. Because LambdaChip hardware is the free-and-opensource product for developers and CS students, you can learn many things when you repare it.

To arrange for a return, please contact us via email All returns are credited as store credit upon receipt for international orders or for Paypal / Credit card orders after 30 days of payment. Returns for Purchase Orders are store credit only. There is a 5% re-stocking fee for orders returned valued at $500 or more. We do not accept any returns on orders that are over 6 months old.

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless the product arrives damaged or defective. Please contact us before returning any package! We're reasonable people and we hope you are too! Contact us if you have any issues and we'll do our best to help you out!

We do not offer drop shipping or "blind shipment".


You are responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods! All international shipments are eligible for these fees. There is no way for LambdaChip (the shipper) to predict your country's customs/fee habits, so be prepared to pay full VAT on the fully declared value of your order as well as any customs fees your country's ePack, DHL or postal system may charge you! There are some services that can estimate the duty/taxes, while they're not 100% accurate they can be helpful. Keep a printout of your email receipt as you may have to send a copy to your customs office or to the carrier. If you do not pay the required brokerage fees, VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, customs clearance charges, etc - we cannot issue any refunds.

Our shipping system is completely automated, and we cannot falsify customs forms. The customs forms will accurately describe the contents and cost of your order. We cannot mark orders as "gift", "sample", "educational" or lower the values. LambdaChip makes best efforts to follow all rules, regulations and laws for export compliance.

Some countries impose a VAT (value added tax) on international shipments. The tax is applied to the order total, generally on orders considered low value. LambdaChip is required to charge the customer for tax when applicable. The details vary depending on the country.

United Kingdom
As of February 2021, VAT will be charged on all low-value orders shipping to the United Kingdom. There is a 20% VAT rate on goods valued up to £135.
We ship from China, and the order amount is under £70,000, so we may exempt from VAT. However, if the exemption is not available, we will contact you to reorder with the proper VAT.