LambdaChip Alonzo board complete version

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Try LambdaChip Alonzo board in your next project. LambdaChip brings different development experience compared to C/C++. You will use Functional Programming paradigm to control the hardware which is cool and modern in nowadays industry.


LambdaChip is functional programming featured Virtual Machine runs on an embedded system. Usually, the embedded system has extremely limited resources, for an instance, 50KB RAMs, less than 80Mhz CPU. LambdaChip aims to provide fair speed on such a compact system. That is to say, you never need to use C/C++ to develop embedded software with LambdaChip, you will learn and use Scheme which is a famous multi-paradigm programming language. The scheme is a dialect of Lisp and widely used for functional programming research or teaching.             

LambdaChip Alonzo Complete Version is the complete version of the Alonzo board. It contains everything you need to play Alonzo, so you save your time to find the necessary parts to make it work.      

Saruman debugger is the Black Magic Probe compatible debugger. It allows you see what is going on 'inside' an application running on a MCU while it executes. It is able to control and examine the state of the target MCU using a JTAG cable. The users can choose whatever IDE they like to debug Alonzo board, Emacs, Vim, VS Code, etc. Because Saruman supports GNU Debugger (GDB), that's the reason why it supports so many cool IDE, if and only if you configure GDB in your IDE correctly.     

Alonzo board has an onboard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) chip to help users connect and debug via wireless. However, it doesn't mean users don't need USB cables anymore. Sometimes it's still useful.

Alonzo board can be powered in 2 alternative ways. The first way is to connect Alonzo with a Lithium-Ion battery which is not provided in the Alonzo box for shipping constraints; the second way is to connect Alonzo to a power bank with a TypeC-2-TypeC cable. For some situations that users may not have typeC interface on the power bank or PC, we provide a USB_A-2-TypeC converter. BTW, the TypeC-2-TypeC cable supports a quick charge that you can use for your smartphone.                    


  • STM32F411CEU6, ARM Cortex-M4 MCU, 512KB flash, 128KB RAM, 100MHz, 36 GPIOs in UFQFN48 package
  • It comes out with these resources:
  • 2.54 Header connectors
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • 1 RGB LED and 1 white LED: D6 and D5
  • 3 buttons: BOOT0, RST and 1 User Button
  • TF card slot, user can compile program to files in TF card, virtual machine will load program from TF card.

Part List

Alonzo board x1

Acrylic cover x1

Saruman debugger x1

USB cable x1

converter x1

8GB TF card x1